About Studio 8

Studio 8 is part of Umsjatka Studios and eQuipme.nl equipment rental

Do you want to Rent a photo / film studio? Studio 8 offers everything you need for the production of movies, videos, TV shows, commercials and photography projects. Our flexible photo studio is located in an ideal building close to the city centre, in the Westerpark neighbourhood. Our large 360​° eggshell infinity curve is 5m high and 10m x 15m, making it perfect for car shoots, a wide range of fashion productions, presentations, workshops and more. The studio has secondary access via a 5m roller door which provides flexibility – if you'd like to take a look, give us a call and we'll arrange a tour for you.

Studio 8 is primarily an un-staffed location, which caters for focussed and personalised working atmosphere. 

Our unique eggshell infinity curve continues endlessly into side walls, ceiling and floor – we're also the only Amsterdam studio with a 360° infinity curve of this size. With a studio of such size and without corners, beautifully soft and natural light can be achieved with just one light source. There are plenty of decor panels available on hand to expand the possibilities of set building. The studio is located on a quiet street next to the cosmopolitan Westergasfabriek and reachable from the city centre in 10 minutes by bike. By car, the Ring road is 5 minutes drive away, so ideal for crews who travel independently. There's plenty of parking space in front of the studio and a large multi storey car park less than 5 minutes walk away.


  • Studio - 10m x 20m x 5.3m (WxDxH)
  • Eggshell 360º infinity curve - 10 x 15 x 5.3 m (WxDxH).
  • Entrance Area 45 m2
  • Make-up and production facilities
  • Professional kitchen
  • Internal (free) parking options
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Electrically operated trusses
  • Studio can be made completely dark
  • Power: 5x 32 Ampere CEE
  • Free WIFI
  • Production Office
  • Large roller shutter door
  • Discount on equipment
  • Extended / flexible opening hours 

Studio 08

Located in the vibrant Westergas Area, studio 08 offers you full creative freedom since you will be the only occupant of this 360-degree studio. Studio 08 is the only studio in Amsterdam of his size with a seamless white wall that covers the full height, width & depth of the space. 

Studio 01

STUDIO 01 is one of the most practical rental studios in the center of Amsterdam. With wide garage door entrance straight onto the street for easy access of cars and large sets and two indoor parking spots on request. A total floor space of approximately 400 m² . Ideal layout with around 170 m² of shooting area, private make-up/ styling area, a lively coffee and dining section. Whether you are producing photo or film, we provide tailored support to ensure your individual wishes and requirements are satisfied and put into practice.

Studio 02

STUDIO 02 has a total floor space of approximately 110 m² with two indoor parking spots on request. Ideal layout with around 75 m² of shooting area, private make-up/styling area, a lively coffee and dining section. Each day our personal chef prepares fresh, healthy meals on request. Whether you are producing photo or film, we provide tailored support to ensure your individual wishes and requirements are satisfied and put into practice. If necessary we can also arrange for professional assistance or a dedicated studio manager

equipment rental

UMSJATKA can arrange for any photo, film equipment, lighting and other gear and/or technical services, because we have a lot of love and knowledge for equipment and a wide network of dedicated professional partners in all fields of production.

So on request we can arrange any other hire equipment and services you don't find in our equipment list. We have an extensive equipment depot and we sell the complete colour range of background paper, gaffa tape and many other consumables.
We also facilitate digital photography. We can arrange for SR Digital Operators and computer work stations, laptops, calibrated monitors and capture cables etc.

on location

For shoots on location lighting and equipment can be hired in combination with a photo assistant or/and a digital operator from Umsjatka Studios. Other rental options, for example renting equipment on location without an assistant of Umsjatka, is possible in consultation.

check out our equipment rental partner

green key studio

The possibilities of a green-key studio are almost unlimited. Our studio can be set up to record commercials, video clips, or even stream a webinar. We'd love to share our expertise with you and discuss any productions, together we can ensure that your green-key shoot runs smoothly.

Extended tungsten Light-set:

Are you looking for a extended light-set so you can create your creative vision in a cost-effective way? Our basic continuous light set is for you. This set includes: 5x 2kw 2x 5kw 2x Arrilight 800w 2x Filmgear FloBox 4Bank (Kino’s) Inc. all grip and necessary connectors. 

black out studio

A dark space, within a white 360​​° infinity curve? On request, we can darken the studio with large blackout curtains. This is a very practical and cost-friendly way to darken the studio for any kind of shoot. Drop us a call or email to discuss possibilities! 


Please feel free to contact us any time by mail or by phone or otherwise. For bookings as well as for questions:

Zeebergweg 8
1051 DE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Brouwersgracht 130-134
1013 HA Amsterdam
The Netherlands